From the simple family business, which surprised the specialist world over and over with its practical equipment, a small company arose which carried out research, development and design, and where ideas arose, which were often realised. For example, enlargement units were built for different formats that were convincing with their functionality and modern design. There were also plans for a specialist camera, which were not realised, unfortunately. Working on external contracts expanded its own horizons, and created contacts. In addition to drying cabinets, the product range included hot mounting presses, gloss-finish drums, light troughs, and even a hot plate with a moulded-in heating spiral.

In 1975, Walter Friedrich found in Rolf Bьhrer, an experienced toolmaker, the purchaser who could guarantee the development of existing and new FOBA products in accordance with his own preconceptions. In the new owner, the desire for perfection was present to the extent that a critical specialist world expected of products from Switzerland, the land of precision. He owned a tool and equipment manufacturing company that produced high-precision equipment for plastic and punching factories, and mechanical parts for the computer industry.

In 1966, the presentation of the first FOBA photographic table was a world premiere. The translucent, double-shaped plastic plate facilitated many solutions in object photography. It found numerous imitators, and existed in every studio. From 1992, FOBA also supplied a wide colour palette of background paper, and various practical fixing systems for them. FOBA lamps were very popular, and fulfilled the requirements of experienced professionals.

Studio camera stands from FOBA became the industry standard soon after their appearance on the market. Since then, continual improvements were made and they were constantly developed further and further. They meet the highest requirements and satisfy the demands of the latest modern technology, and in particular of digital photography. With the DSS-ALPHA column stand, a level of perfection is reached that will be difficult to beat. The practical stand table is ideal for a laptop computer. The new column collar is rotatable, and has been fitted with a scale in degrees. The mechanism of the column foot has been completely redesigned, and allows the locking of the stand without having to readjust the camera. It's able to be operated manually, as it has already shown and proven itself to be very successful, as well as electronically for the highest requests of digital photography and technology of measurement.

A change in the management of FOBA
During summer 2006, Mr. Bührer senior sold the company to a younger entrepreneur. Mr. Philippe Ehrenberg as the new owner and manager is going to keep and develop the successful philosophy of Swiss quality for the professional market of photography. The employees of FOBA are still endeavoured to help at further developments of the enterprise and to produce marketable products of high quality.