About JOBO
JOBO is a family owned company now in its third generation of family leadership. Having been founded in 1923, it has built up a reputation for quality, professionalism, and commitment. These core values remain our keys for continuous success in times of vast technological changes, growing markets, and globalisation.
Through innovation and ingenuity JOBO has created standards within the imaging industry. For example, JOBO created the product class of small-volume, high-quality photo processors.
Johannes Bockemühl, photography pioneer and founder of the company, first presented JOBO equipment at the trade show "Leipziger Messe".
Interaction with our customers and end users has been an important key for making JOBO a market leader in the world of photography. JOBO is present at all major international and national trade shows – never losing touch with the customers. Effective dialogue enables us to build our success on our customer's success and satisfaction.
NASA pictures of the first flight to the moon (Apollo 11) were processed using JOBO equipment.
A modern, lean corporate structure, the change from a family-owned business to a Corporation and offices in Germany and Ann Arbor, MI, USA are all evidence of our dynamic approach to the global markets in which we compete.

Digital Imaging
Innovative digital equipment for professional and semi-professional photographers.
Silver Imaging
Proven processing equipment for professional and semi-professional users.
Trading Solutions
Individual productsolutions, customized trade projects, e.g. OEM-deals.