About Panodia  

Corporate overview

"Our 'raison d'être' is to offer items which allow our customers
to preserve and enhance the presentation of their pictures, memories and emotions".
JC Aguettant, CEO

Panodia was founded in 1960 by Jacques Guillemaud. Since then, it has been one of the leading designers and manufacturers of photo storage and display solutions in France and·Europe.

Panodia's mission: organize, preserve and
enhance photographs in all their forms:
slides, contact ranges, negatives...

Panodia has rapidly become a recognised leader in the photo storage and display market with:
  • Its large selection of photo albums, binders, portfolios, presentation cases, refills, scrapbooks and Table top frames
  • Its dedication to customer satisfaction, high quality and optimal presentation and protection
  • Its constant attention to design and innovations
Amongst Panodia's latest innovations for professional and amateur photographers (2008):
  • Possibility to personalize one's·book magnet plate with one's name
  • CD sleeve included in each photo album
  • Slip-i n pockets adapted to digital photo formats: 11x15 cm
  • Slip-in pockets with horizontal or vertical view mode
  • Design: the Elegance presentation case with its stylish, professional look and gusseted interior compartments
Distribution channels:
Department stores, photography shops, stationers' and large retailers of cultural and leisure products.

Panodia for the professional photographers

In a context of booming digital photography, it is getting increasingly common and easy to take pictures.
Although many of us store and preserve our pictures on our PC, albums still remain the best way to enjoy and share one's pictures with one's family, friends, colleagues, etc.

Panodia has developed albums and professional books meant to·store and preserve our most precious photographs. It has capitalized and inspired on its unique craftmanship in professional storage to design mass market albums for amateur photographers and collections featuring a wide variety of designs, styles, materials and colours.

Panodia has adapted its different collections to the evolutions of photgraphy and to the different end-users:
  • Easily-transportable, mobile solutions
  • Minimum volume
  • Minimalist design
  • Quality finishes and materials
Panodia's key word: user-friendliness and photo Preservation...

Panodia offers a large selection of photo albums that meet customers' requirements:
  • Albums specially developed for unique life moments: wedding, birth, ...
  • Albums specially developed for these moments and memories people want to share: travels, holidays, ...
  • Scrapbooks and Scrapbooking kits to customize one's photos and create something unique and original