Sekonic Corporation

Sekonic Corporation Japan provides the widest range of light measurement devices for photographers around the world.

Established in June 1951 as Seiko Electric Industries Co., Ltd., the first Sekonic brand exposure meter introduced was the revolutionary Sekonic P-1.

Over the years, worldwide demand for exposure meters resulted in the growth and construction of a new factory in June of 1959.

By August of 1961 the Tokyo facility was authorized as a JIS Designated Factory for "electric exposure meters for photographic use".

Through the years Sekonic meters were so well recognized that in February 1984 the Sekonic Digipro X-1 and L-518 meters, were taken into space on the NASA Space Shuttle.

Today Sekonic continues to produce and develop meters for every aspect of photography serving the film, video, cinematography and digital photographic marketplace.

Sinar today: Begin of a new era

sinar_history_2008_Hy62008 - Medium Format System - Sinar Hy6
Begin of a new era
Building on its unique experience in the development and manufacture of professional camera systems, Sinar presents the Hy6 System, designed to meet every conceivable need of the professional photographer. The innovative technological power of the Sinar Hy6 System is based strictly on practical needs – imaginative and feasible concepts are transformed into truly practical products.

  • With its fastest shutter speed of 1/1000 sec, this shutter is the fastest one in its class.
  • Greatest possible mobility thanks to its very low weight.
  • Perfect exposures by means of three modes: Spot-, center-weighted multi-zonesand integral metering.
  • Individual composition made possible by Aperture-Priority, Shutter-Speed-Priority, or Automatic Program exposure modes plus metered manual settings.
  • Optional Revolving Adapter for securely changing from landscape to portrait format.