Empowering Creativity 

Light is a crucial design element. The world's first photographers and cinema pioneers were fully aware of this fact. In the meantime, the technology used in this domain has evolved by quantum leaps. Professionals have long embraced paradigm changes in digitalisation, image processing, storage media, and much more. Only light has remained the same - and with it our mission to accompany this evolution and to actively drive progress in professional lighting technology forward.

Since 1958, our company has been characterised by a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Today, our broncolor and VISATEC product lines are the world's leading brands for flash and lighting systems in professional photography. Countless studios around the globe rely on these indispensable tools. At the same time, Kobold has become a genuine synonym for light in the TV, film, broadcasting, and video communities.

Precision, latest-generation technology, quality, reliability, and user-friendly designs are among the assets integrated in our products. To safeguard our leadership, we pursue the ongoing refinement and enhancement of all the systems we manufacture. A constant quest for optimisation and suggestions from our partners at the front lines are two sources of inspiration that put the fulfilment of real-world user needs in the focus of our development efforts.

We invite you to explore the vast range of possibilities accessible to you with broncolor, VISATEC, and Kobold products. If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to make use of the feedback options offered by our Website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jacques Bron



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