About SMDV
With a Development center set-up in Korea, we are highly specialized in developing and producing advanced studio flash systems and accessories such as radio trigger, wireless release, cable release etc. for operating the various types of flash lights (storbe) and current automated digital cameras including branded ones.

We forcus its energies in creation of distinctive and advanced products, backed by durability, reliable delivery and most importantly, helpful client services.

In the current marketplace which has become highly competitive when it comes to price and quality. Our company has consistently met the demands of our costomers in respect of technical expertise over the years and the teamwork of its well-trained staff.

Many times, our clients have the need for products that simply do not exit. To us, that is a call to arms.

We enjoy the challenge of taking a simple concept and adding the right features to create real value for you whether you are looking for completely unique design, or custom enhancement to and existing product, we are experienced in working with just this kind of request.

Customs manufacturing is also one of regular part of our business.

We are looking forward to serving you with our best supports in near future.