National Geographic:

Because great images are the only things worth capturing

National Geographic's pioneering use of photography is a vital element in the success of its mission to inspire people to care about the planet. Long recognized as a source of the most iconic and important images ever captured, National Geographic explores and photographs extreme environments and distant cultures. It also keeps a sharp eye trained close to home, documenting the surprising sides of more familiar natural and human landscapes.

Adventure can catch us anywhere! Walking down a busy street or hiking through the wilderness, we can all find ourselves facing an exciting National Geographic moment, and when we do, we want to be able to capture it. National Geographic's new Walkabout photo bag collection is designed for just such moments, merging stylish, everyday personal bags with protective accommodation for photographic gear so that we never need to leave our cameras at home.

Carpe diem – seize the day – and capture it!

Be dynamic, be spontaneous. Jump on and off the train ride of your life, and make time to stop and enjoy the view. Capture your memories, and preserve them for later stops along the line. Go walkabout freely, and know that you always have your essentials with you.

National Geographic's Walkabout photo bags are all about helping you make the most of your everyday adventures!

Capturing the true spirit of National Geographic, these bags combine functionality, environmental awareness, and distinctive style. They are designed as everyday personal bags with specific photographic equipment storage zones to allow for all possibilities.

The traveling photographer needs portability as well as sturdiness and stability – that's why the tripods and monopods are supported by the innovative EARTH EXPLORER range of photo bags and carrying systems, which provide ample room for cameras, accessories, and personal belongings. Developed to blend cutting-edge protection with elegant, traditional styling, EARTH EXPLORER reflects National Geographic's dedication to exploration and its commitment to conservation. The EARTH EXPLORER collection uses environmentally friendly components and sustainable materials such as hemp and cotton, and replaces plastic fastenings with brass buckles.

Now National Geographic has teamed up with Manfrotto – a leading producer of professional tripods and camera accessories, with decades of experience – to bring you the tools that top explorers, photographers, and reporters trust to help them bring home the best images possible.

Whether you're photographing around the world or around the corner, a sturdy, well-built tripod or monopod will help you get the best images by holding your camera still. By supporting the camera's weight, it allows you to use faster, finer-grained film or silent digital settings that let you concentrate on framing while giving you room for artistic expression. The two camera support ranges – NG EXPEDITION for the extreme demands of the photographic explorer and NG TUNDRA for the passionate amateur imagemaker – have been designed to combine low weight and reduced size with professional performance, top build quality, versatile advanced features, and speedier deployment systems.

As a photographer, you know that inspiring images are unrepeatable, split-second combinations of fine-tuned equipment, fantastic light, fleeting expressions, one-off events, and sudden discoveries. Make sure you're ready to capture the moment with National Geographic and Manfrotto."